A Brief History of the Parish

Saint Clement Parish had its beginnings in April 1902 in a little white frame church at 25th Avenue and Quincy Street with the arrival of the first Pastor, Father Robert Fitzgerald. Father Fitzgerald organized the construction of the present church with the laying of the cornerstone on September 7th, 1913. The new building was dedicated by Archbishop John Ireland on May 24th, 1914.

Father Fitzgerald served as Pastor until his death on August 8th, 1941. Father Francis Burns was appointed as the second Pastor. Father Burns served the Parish until his death on February 6th, 1962.

Father Lawrence Malley took over as the third Pastor of Saint Clement in May of 1962, and served until his retirement on April 1st, 1977. Father Earl Simonson, our fourth Pastor of the Saint Clement Parish, was appointed June 15th, 1977 and served until his retirement on June 30th, 2013. On July 1st, 2013, the Church of Saint Clement merged with three other parishes in Northeast Minneapolis: Holy Cross, Saint Hedwig and Saint Anthony to form the new faith community of Holy Cross with Father Glen Jensen serving as Paster.

A Brief History of Our Patron, Saint Clement I

The feast of Saint Clement is November 23rd. He is the Patron of boatmen, marble workers, mariners, sailors, sick children, stonecutters, and watermen. Saint Clement was the first of the Apostolic Fathers and the fourth Pope of the Church. Saint Clement was Pope for nine years, from age 90 to 99. Little is known about his life or death; however, he left one genuine writing, a letter to the Church of Corinth.